Wedding Planning Tips – 5 Ways To Incorporate Technology Into Your Wedding

Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning Tips

With technology becoming ever more prevalent in our lives you may want to consider incorporating some in your wedding. Whilst stories of couples who got married via Skype and whose ceremony was read from an iPad are perhaps at the extreme end of the scale, there are ways in which you can include technology in both your wedding planning and wedding day without it seeming inappropriate or too unconventional!

Check out the following 5 [B]wedding planning tips [/B]on including your favourite tech in your wedding:

1. Wedding website:

Although not exactly a new advance technology wise, [B]wedding [/B]websites are increasing in popularity especially as these days they offer more features than ever before. A wedding website will allow you to keep guests updated with what is happening with your wedding [B]planning[/B], let them know of any changes, download your gift registry, RSVP your wedding invites and post photographs after the wedding day. Free services are available, whilst paid packages are inexpensive and feature rich.

2. MP3 Player:

CD’s? What are they? These days the majority of us listen to our music digitally often through our choice of MP3 player. If you cannot afford a DJ or other live entertainment then this is your next best choice. Ask your venue if you can use their sound system or hire one in and hook up your ipod, MP3 player or laptop to it. You will have the creative freedom over your playlists but you will need to appoint someone to make sure the music never stops!

3. Wedding Planning Apps:

Wedding [B]planning[/B]? There’s an app for that! Anyone with a smartphone will know how useful apps can be and there is a wealth of [B]wedding [/B]related applications just waiting for you to use. Some are better than others, but the 1weddingsource app is a good place to start!

4. iPad/Tablet:

Tablet PC’s can also be useful tools when it comes to planning your big day. Take one along with you to the bridal salon or florist so you can show them pictures of dresses or flowers you like. You could say it provides the modern version of the scrapbook and websites like Polyvore will allow you to create collages from your favourite pictures so you can produce moodboards of your favourite wedding themes.

Beyond this you can set one up at the reception so guests can upload photographs they have taken, as well as your photographer and your guests can then browse them during the day.

5. Skype:

If you have guests who cannot make the wedding day then why not let them watch proceedings live via Skype and a webcam? This is popular when guests are too far away to travel or too inform to attend. A lend of technology maybe necessary, but Skype to Skype is free and it will make absent guests feel included.

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