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A Champagne Wedding Scheme

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by , 12-12-2010 at 10:28 AM (78983 Views)
By Georgina Clatworthy

I have to say I love champagne! Not only the drink but the color also! A champagne wedding color scheme can create a sublime look incorporating formality, elegance & vintage style.

Champagne as a color sits somewhere between ivory & taupe but you will see many variations in shade between manufacturers. As an alternative to traditional white or ivory you can't go wrong with champagne. It coordinates with many of the favorite wedding colors & can give your reception & other wedding details a wide range of looks & styles.

Below are some color schemes for you to try out. The charts show the main colors along with some coordinating accent colors for you to consider. Colors showing as orange & grey are denoting gold & silver (although in some schemes grey does work too).

Champagne, Ivory & Eau de Nil

This has to be the classiest combination & probably my personal favorite. The combination of these three colors creates a timeless elegant feel. Perfect for formal & casual weddings alike.

Use these three colors in a plain & simple format for a formal wedding with an elegant & sophisticated feel. Add textures such as lace & ribbon for a vintage feel & if you want glamour add in some small gold details in matt shades of antique or old gold. For a touch of glitz add in crystals & small silver details for a hint of sparkle.

Use textures such as damask fabrics, laces, large floral arrangements filled with roses & peonies & candles for a really romantic feel.

Champagne & Blue

Champagne & blue combine beautifully & make a great scheme for a beach wedding if you wanted to avoid the nautical feel of blue & white.

Pale blue on its own can feel cold & icy but the addition of champagne warms it & creates a beautiful elegant scheme. You can use champagne as your main color or switch it to just accent pieces, such as dress sashes for your bridesmaids, napkins, flowers & other small details.

Champagne will coordinate well with many shades of blue, from pale blue to navy. However I would suggest that darker shades work well for formal weddings whilst paler shades are good for more low key or casual weddings.

Combine a champagne & blue scheme with gold for an opulent feel.

Champagne & Green

This may seem an unusual combination but it does create a rather natural looking scheme. Combining champagne with pastel green & pastel pink is a perfect scheme for a spring wedding. Choose slightly darker shades for a summer wedding.

A pale metallic green also looks good when paired with champagne & helps to keep the scheme looking fresh but with a touch of warmth as well. Stick with pale greens & maybe mid apple/grass green. Darker greens such as emerald may not work on their own with champagne although emerald green in very small details can work as an accent to pale green.

Champagne & Chocolate Brown

Brown has been a favorite wedding color for a number of years. It is formal & elegant & when combined with champagne creates a stunning sophisticated feel.

I would add in a third accent color such as matt silver or gold to help lift the scheme & stop it looking flat & boring. Add some damask fabrics in your table linens & metallic colored charger plates & cutlery for a more luxurious look.

These two will also combine well with pale greens & blues which is a nice choice for a less formal wedding or a beach wedding. Keep champagne as your main color & use brown as an accent in textured pieces such as dark wooden trestle tables or charger plates.

Pale pink will also combine well for a vintage feel & is a nice scheme for an informal wedding.

Champagne & Red

For those who want a touch of vibrancy but don't want the harsher contrast of red & white, champagne & red works beautifully. This scheme combines elegance with a touch of fun, with the bright red catching the eye & breaking up the champagne color.

Again, keep champagne as the main color & use red in your table centers & floral arrangements (red roses are perfect); add in red lacquer charger plates & include a touch of red ribbon in your wedding favors.

For a more festive feel to your scheme add in some dark green foliage, gold charger plates & tall glass hurricane lamps.

Champagne & Black

These two combined create a formal scheme & a fabulous alternative to black & white. In fact the two together create a dramatic & luxurious look, which you don't get with black & white.

Champagne & black lend themselves best to formal weddings in grand settings. Again add in some old gold colored chargers & cutlery, with some opulent cut glass glasses & lavish floral table centers.

For vintage glamour add in some crystal accents, such as buckles on your wedding cake. Or for a touch of Parisian chic add in blush pink roses to your floral displays & blush pink accents to your tables & wedding favors.

I love this combination with mauve accents too. It has a dramatic & mysterious feel, whilst looking very sophisticated.