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Ajanta Roy

Choosing Mens Wedding Rings

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by , 11-01-2011 at 03:11 PM (2950 Views)

A wedding ring is not only a symbol of your love; it is also a fashion accessory that will be with you for a long time. So you need to choose a ring that reflects your personality, rather than a ring style that may be a passing fashion or is picked up at a discount sale.
You will appreciate your wedding ring more if you put a little thought into it.

Are you a simple no-frills type of guy?
Then the classic gold wedding ring may appeal. Though there are many types of simple rings. The width and shape of the ring can make rings look quite different. There are also many options available to make your simple wedding ring more comfortable for you.

Do you like the idea of having something a little different - but not too different? There are many options available for the man who does not want a simple gold wedding band, but who doesn't want an overly flashy ring either.
Perhaps a twist on the simple wedding ring is for you. What about a ring with ribbed edges, a white gold inlay stripe, a satin finish textured ring rather than a polished texture, a two-tone ring with yellow and white gold or a woven pattern. There are many subtle yet stylish options available.

Is your fiancé encouraging you to choose something a little different but you're not yet convinced?
You may be surprised to learn that many men are choosing to move beyond the traditional gold wedding band in search of something just a touch different. Why not consider a wedding ring that is still simple, but a little more than the traditional gold band. Choose from diamond wedding rings, two tone rings, woven ring styles, titanium wedding rings, platinum wedding rings and more.

Are you an engineer or technically minded person who is looking for the latest technology?
Titanium, a high technology metal used in the latest scientific breakthroughs is the top choice for this group. Or, what about a tungsten ring? Tungsten carbide is a highly scratch resistant metal which is also favored by this group of men. Or what about a ring that uses the latest laser technology in the ring's construction, such as a wave style or fusion ring that combines different gold types in unique patterns.

Are you bold and daring?
Then something different to what you normally see may appeal. Perhaps a custom designed titanium ring, a ring incorporating unusual metals such as tungsten or platinum or a two-tone ring with a combination of two metals such as white and yellow gold, or rose and white gold. What about an unusual shape such as a puzzle ring?

Does your cultural or ethnic background make a particular type of ring style appealing to you?
For example if you have Irish heritage a Claddagh ring or a Celtic ring may appeal to you. If you have Italian heritage a diamond wedding ring may appeal.

Whatever be the case everyone is unique and has their own tastes and preferences. Don’t hesitate to choose your ideal wedding ring because “everything you wear defines you”!
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  1. mixbreed's Avatar
    OK I have a question. So my soon to be husband bought me a white gold ring. And he doesn't like white gold. Would it be wrong to buy him a gold ring with white gold intertwined?