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The Meaning Behind the Ring Finger

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by , 12-13-2010 at 02:20 AM (5516 Views)

According to the Chinese, there is a reason why the wedding band is designated for the fourth finger. They think that each digit constitutes an important person in your life; similar to how a palm reader views each hand crease as a representation of life, heart, and head. Below is each finger and who they stand for according to Chinese belief.

Thumb - Parents
Index Finger - Siblings
Middle Finger – Self
Ring Finger – Life partner
Pinkie Finger – Children
They further explain their reasoning with a hand demonstration which metaphorically conveys each finger's significance, as shown in the picture.

Place your open palms face to face.
Bend the middle fingers until they knuckles are touching - hold them back together.
Make sure that the remaining fingers are open and spread out.
Touch the tips of your thumbs together.
Join the tips of the remaining fingers.
Press your hands together.
Now to try to separate the thumbs - you'll find that you can do so easily. The Chinese believe that this is because your parents were not to meant to live with your forever. Eventually, they must leave and allow you to grow up and become your own person. You can also easily separate the index fingers; the digits which represent your siblings. These open up because your brothers and sisters will also branch out and start families of their own. Although they will always remain an integral part of your life, they will come and go.

After joining your index fingers together, try to divide your little fingers. You'll find that this is also easy enough to do. These fingers represent your children – who, just like your siblings and parents, will also leave the family unit and begin a life apart from the family you've created with them.

Next, try to disconnect your ring fingers. You'll find that this is impossible to accomplish without separating the middle fingers which represent the “self.” According to Chinese notion, this is because husband and wife were never meant to be isolated; marriage binds them together for the rest of their lives. By disjointing the ring fingers, you essentially break away the “self.”

This is a beautiful metaphor which symbolizes the solemnity and permanence of marriage. Before walking down the aisle, consider what marriage means to to you. “Forever” and “eternity” are difficult words for the human mind to wrap around, but it's exactly what you're committing. Be prepared to take the good with the bad. Sometimes the best thing to do is not to find a person who you can live with, but someone that you can't live without.
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