Wedding Ideas – Ideas for a Champagne and Chocolate Brown Wedding Scheme

One of the more exciting aspects of your wedding planning will be designing your wedding color scheme and putting together all your wedding ideas into one beautiful and uniqe theme. A popular color combination for a wedding is champagne and chocolate brown.

These two colors combined create an elegant and sophistacted pallete in which to feature all your ideas and details, even down to the wedding favors. And whilst this scheme works beautifully with just the two colors, you can add a third color to accent them or to liven the scheme up. Work on the principle of 60/30/10 – your main color used for 60% of the scheme, a second color used for 30% of the scheme and an accent color used for 10% of the scheme. If you only use two colors then consider a 60/40 or 70/30 split depending on the strength of your chosen colors.

Here are a few ideas for champagne and chocolate brown color schemes for your wedding:

– For a romantic wedding with a sophisticated touch add in pale pink as your accent color. Use it for the smaller details such as flowers, chair sashes, napkins and on your favors and stationery. Use chocolate brown as your main color and then champagne as a secondary color.

If the chocolate brown is too dark for your liking then reverse it with the champagne to lighten up the scheme.

– A sophisticated beachside wedding would look amazing in a scheme accented with aqua blue. Use it for things like candle holders, flowers or centerpieces, favors and signature cocktails! Try to find glass decorations such as tea light holders in aqua blue to give a real seaside feel to your tables.

– A formal wedding would look very elegant with a combination of champagne, chocolate brown and navy blue. Sandwich the champagne between the brown and blue to stop the scheme becoming too dark and heavy. Use the navy blue for chair sashes, table runners or over cloths, napkins and for the text on stationery.

Of course your color scheme doesn’t have to come from items or decorations you have bought or hired in. Consider the venue decorations and furniture which is already in place. Dark brown colored furniture or even wood panelling to the walls or a beautiful wooden floor will all count as part of the scheme and you can dress them up with the other one or two colors to showcase them.

It is important to consider what is already present at your venue in order to make sure your chosen wedding scheme doesn’t
a) compete with it too strongly;
b) clash with it; and
c) will not give you too much of one color after you have dressed the room with further decorations.”

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