• 5 Popular Wedding Poems

      Planning a wedding is tough work, especially when you get to the wedding vows. While many couples try to write their own vows, not everyone can find those special words to say “I love you.” For those fortunate souls who can come up with the words write their own vows, they are still left with finding other words of love to put in the ceremony. Instead of falling back on religious versus, here are five romantic poems that are perfect for wedding ceremonies and vows.

      1.) How Do I Love Thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. If you don’t think you’ve heard of it, you have: “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”
      2.) She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron. If you’re a gentleman with a dark haired beauty, this poems will work for you. Byron is said to have wrote this poem when he met his paled skinned dark haired cousin.
      3.) The Art of Marriage by Wilferd A. Peterson. This poem is perfect for someone who’s looking for just the write vows. The poem goes over what every couple should try to attain throughout the rest of their years together.
      4.) The Passionate Shepherd to His Love or Come Live With Me and Be My Love by Christopher Marlowe. If you’re looking to show your new spouse you love them more than anything else and will get the world for them, this is a beautiful poem littered with beautiful flower references.
      5.) From This Day Forward by Marianne Williams. If you’re looking for short, simple, beautiful and straight to the point, this poem is it. Only four lines but it says everything you’d want to say to the spouse you’ll soon hold to for the rest of your life.

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