• 8 Ways To Spice-Up Your Wedding Planning

      Your wedding planning phase does not have to be all about bookings and lengthy discussions over the choice of flowers. Indeed, injecting some fun into your planning phase will really help to set you both up for the day itself and help to ease and stresses and nerves along the way. Check out these 8 wedding planning ideas for adding a little spice and magic before the day arrives::

      1. Book a photo shoot:Instead of the traditional formal poses usually seen in engagement photos why not go for something a little more risqué? Why not re-enact your love scenes from your favourite film or book complete with costumes and props? Or simply opt for a romantic setting like a boat scene or kicking up the leaves in the fall?

      2. Choreograph your first dance::For some the first dance will be a high priority whilst others will simply forget all about it. But booking a few dancing lessons is a great way for the two of you to come together and have some fun outside of planning books and fabric swatches!

      3. Book a venue hunting break::Finding your perfect reception venue is the perfect excuse to book a mini-break or romantic lunchtime date (all in the name of research of course!). Many couples like to enjoy a romantic break whilst checking out a venue for their wedding day. It gives couples the perfect chance to assess potential venues whilst enjoying some time alone together.

      4. The way to his heart::You maybe a culinary wiz or a kitchen disaster, but there is no doubt that a good meal will be enjoyed by you both. Why not book some cooking lessons together and determine once and for all who will rule the kitchen in your marriage!

      5. Happy anniversary::Although in around a years time you will be celebrating your first wedding anniversary it is nice not to forget your ‘other’ anniversaries as you build up to your wedding day. Remembering all those little milestones in your relationship such as the day you first met, the day of the proposal etc is a good way to remind yourselves just why you are going through all this planning stuff in the first place!

      6. Add a little musicality::Compiling your wedding soundtrack is a great way to spend sometime together putting together a list of all your favourite tracks. Compiling the wedding list will no doubt lead to some fond memories for you both and maybe a few discussions about musical taste! Whatever you’re preferred listening choice it is a great way to relax and enjoy each others company.

      7. Write your own vows and readings::If you are including personalized vows and readings in your ceremony then set aside an evening to write your vows and find potential readings. If you are short on inspiration then consider writing down what is you love about each other and swapping notes. For readings you can look to poetry, prose, film scripts and even lyrics for ideas.

      8. Get wedding-fit together::Most couples will want to loose weight and get fit before the wedding day so hitting the gym together is a great way to achieve your targets and spend time together. Research has also shown that couples who exercise together find it impossible to keep their hands off each other once they get back home!
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