• New Wedding Deal Site Opens Up To Offer Major Discounts For Engaged Couples

      Good news for those engaged couples seeking out some deals to lighten the financial load of their big day!

      A new website called My Wed Deal, similar to that of Groupon and other deal-a-day sites, has opened specifically for wedding products. While not as targeted by location as others, it still gives up to 50% off on various elements to your wedding, from vendors to photography.

      "We like to think of My Wed Deal as the go-to site for brides, exposing them to the best wedding vendors in their area," Corey Parker, co-owner of the site, said.

      I think this is cool for several reasons. First, there is the simple reason of saving some cash. Who doesn't love a bargain, after all?

      But more than that, this shows a trend in discount sites that are going to be aimed for specific niches. Weddings are a huge business and a great place to start, and fingers crossed that we will be seeing more launching in the future to compete.

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