• The Pros and Cons Of All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

      There have been more people looking at wedding packages lately, which isn't exactly a shock. These all-inclusive packages pretty much wrap up your entire wedding into a single cost, which can be a fraction of the price of doing it all separately. Plus, you are usually already in place for a honeymoon.

      But there are both pros and cons to using these package deals.

      The Good

      • The Cost - Usually the biggest reason couples choose these packages at resorts is that it is the cheapest way they can can a big, organized wedding in a hot spot like the Caribbean or Maui for between $800 and $10,000. Most packages are between $1,800 and $3,000, which isn't bad for all you get. Which includes "wedding team planners" to get it all off the ground.
      • The Discounts - Places like Sandals Resorts offers special deals with certain wedding plans. For example, if you book to stay six or more days, they will do the wedding package for free. So you would only pay for your honeymoon.
      • The Fun - These are ultimately done at exciting and fun locations, such as Hawaii and Las Vegas. Which guarantees a memorable experience and plenty of fun before and after the nuptials.

      The Bad

      • The Guests - How many people do you know who would have the time, energy and money to fly somewhere for a wedding? I don't just mean across a few state lines, but somewhere like Jamaica? Unless you have the cash to pay for who you want there, it is probably going to be a small affair. Though many packages include discount travel packages for guests.
      • The Cost - I know, we put this in the 'pros' category before. But while these are all inclusive, there will ultimately be extras you have to cover in addition. Invitations, clothing, the aforementioned guests and things like food and enterainment during your stay. The term "all inclusive" can be misleading.

      Ultimately, you are looking at a bit of a grab bag. On one hand, it is a great way to get a full cost wedding for much less. But the honeymoon might cost more, and you have to worry about your guest list.

      In the end, it all depends on what you are able to swing, and what it is you want.
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