• Same Sex Marriage Becomes A Reality In Both Washington and Callifornia

      For those who haven't heard, gay marriage has been both passed into law in the state of Washington, and the Prop 8 ban has been ruled unconstitutional in California.

      Already, projections are coming about the effect this could have on wedding based business, just as it did in New York City and the various other states that have enacted gay marriage as a legal right.

      According to UCLA's The Williams Institute, we could be seeing as much as $88 million in the first three years within Washington alone, thanks to the huge number of civil partnerships that will probably lead to full marriage. Then, there are surrounding states, as the lack of a residency clause enables couples to come from anywhere to wed.

      As for California, the economic impact will probably be far greater, and closer to what you are seeing in New York. It is obvious that these legal measures will be a major boon for the states that enact them in the first five or so years.

      Are there any same sex couples reading that plan on taking advantage of the opportunity to finally wed in certain states?

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