• Things A Groom Must Know & Do

      Women get all worked up when it comes to planning the wedding event. Although they may seem to handle everything quite successfully and gracefully, you have your own role to play as the groom. After all, it’s also your wedding and you may want to keep yourself busy. Your bride love what they do 100% and you almost can’t say no to what they want knowing this is special for them but that doesn’t mean you have to leave everything in their hands. Here are some things that you can and should do to lessen the stress and thus burden of your bride.

      • Above all, ask your bride what help she needs. Expect them to say, ‘Everything’s fine!’ and may follow it by showing you some of the details which of course both of you have to agree on. The fact that you asked if she needs help is already an act of sweetness.

      • Either she really does a good job or she just doesn’t want to stress you out of love. Offer to handle the responsibility of finding a band to play on your wedding reception or look for a sound system.

      • Come up with a list of your prospective guests – friends, families, relatives, and anyone you want to be there except your ex-girlfriend/s.

      • Accompany her when shopping. Some guys hate it but it will be valuable for your fiancée if you would go with her when she asks you to. Expect that it might take hours or even a whole day so if you’re working, file a leave. For your own good, suggest a time and date when will be the best time to do the shopping to avoid the rush.

      • Clear the way as much as you can especially if your mom is inching her way into the wedding plans. Your bride already gets lots of suggestions, requests, and opinions and considering all of them can be really stressful. At least prevent this from happening and be there to comfort her things start to inundate her big time.

      • Check if there are bills to pay. Even if you will become very much economically involved, she may still be shy to tell you that she ran out of budget already and the photographer hasn’t been paid yet.

      • Invite her to look for a photographer although you may already have someone in mind. This is one way of checking if she hasn’t done that part yet and preventing her from feeling bypassed. Just make sure the photographer is a good one.

      • Handle the transportation. Look for a vehicle that will deliver your bride to the church.

      • Find a wedding band at least a month or two ahead. Selection is done with your partner normally but the decision as to when this should take should come from you.

      • Not because you are getting married doesn’t mean you should take a break from taking her out. In the middles of the whole shebang, encourage her to take a time off and bring her to your favorite restaurant. There you can relieve the memories when you were still budding sweethearts. That will be enough to relieve the pressure.

      • If you don’t know how to dance, sign up for a brief dance lesson. You wouldn’t want to disappoint her when the music summons you for the much-awaited and romantic wedding dance. Surprise her! And surprise her more by playing a romantic music that you personally chose for it.

      • And finally, organize your honeymoon and make it a surprise. She may ask you about it but just tell her, ‘I’m still setting things up but I can handle it. Let’s enjoy the wedding planning for the meantime.’ It is important though to ask her to ready her passport. In case the location you chose require vaccinations, do it early so these things are covered. Inform the person who would administer the vaccine that the destination is to be kept secret.

      Teamwork is paramount. Do your part as doting groom and be her partner all the way from start to finish. You may not have all the decision making when it comes to choosing the flowers, or wedding cake, wedding favors and stuff but make your presence felt by handling things that she can’t and planning as many surprises as possible.

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