• Waking Up In Vegas: The Changing Face Of Las Vegas Weddings

      When you think of Las Vegas weddings, what comes to mind? Chances are, you think of Elvis and bright neon lights and cheesy effects, right? I know that is what pops into my head.

      That is why I was so surprised to learn about the different themes and traditional setups that chapels around the city seem to be offering now. It is drastic enough that I thought we would take a look at the main type of Vegas weddings that actually exist.

      The King

      Obviously, the Elvis wedding is still around. I have always found these odd and hard to understand...why would anyone want to be married by a (usually bad) Elvis impersonator? Considering how the King died, it seems especially distasteful. But who am I to say? If this is your thing, you are still covered.


      The first theme weddings I ever came across were from that old staple, Star Trek. They also have Star Wars at the same chapels, and come complete with Federation or Jedi ministers to officiate.

      But there are many more, from the 60's and 70's to Twilight. Yes, I said Twilight...you can be married off by Edward Cullen. Or Liberace. You have plenty of bizarre options.

      Traditional Weddings

      Other than these two and other unique variations that you probably expected, you can also do traditional weddings in Vegas. No joke, they actually have elegant, understated or glamorous packages that allow you to do the white dress in a chapel, and all. These are usually more involved and well planned.

      Would you get married in Vegas?

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