• WeddingScan: The Bridal Registry Solution

      For as long as traditional weddings have been around that retail stores have also been around, the problem of registering with a wedding registry has existed. In other words, at how many stores does the couple have to register in so that the guests can avoid buying the same wedding gift that Aunt Martha did? Even though many people know that buying from a registry list means that the gifts are kept track of, the problem is, it is not east to let the list know what you have purchased so it can tell others that you have done so. For a wedding with a larger guest list, it is even more of a problem.

      There is a solution, and it is called the WeddingScan. WeddingScan is a unique and targeted smartphone application that addresses the demand of maintaining a registry, ensuring that all of your guests stay “in the loop,” and up to date. The app itself is just $0.99, which is hard to believe when you consider the running around and coordination that is usually involved with gift registries.

      Once installed, the bride can set up a free account on WeddingScan.com, and, although it sounds just like any other wedding registry setup, it is not. The difference is that when the couple registers using the app, the guests can visit the account to determine what to buy and where to buy it – they are not limited to a single store in which the couple registered. In fact, WeddingScan has collaborated with Amazon to allow guests to purchase the gift online or from one of their partner stores such as Macy’s or Target. They can also purchase the gift where it was originally registered.

      The features of the app are comprehensive and well developed. Any product at any store can be registered simply by scanning the barcode or manually entering the item, if needed. Once an item is scanned, geolocation information is recorded so that guests can see where the item was found. The registry can be managed from an ****** or online at your WeddingScan account. Facebook integration is included so that you can keep friends and family updated, and you are notified when a registered gift is purchased. In addition, a host of free wedding resources and is information included. Now, if only the marriage itself were this easy.

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