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All Wedding Vows, whether they are traditional wedding vows or custom wedding vows, are an expression of one's deepest feelings to their marriage partner. They are a public confession of the patience and commitment you are willing to extend in order to build this new life together. When writing your wedding vows, you can borrow lines from movies, love prose, or narrative, in order to impart your emotions to the audience. However, if you're part of a particular faith or culture, you may have rules set forth by the church that you must abide by.

Almost every culture has inspired their own set of traditional wedding vows, based either around cultural customs and or religious beliefs. Over time, some of these restrictions have changed in response to the romantic's couple request for more personalized declarations, while others are still intolerant in that sense. Thus, when creating wedding vows of your own, make sure that always check with your wedding officiant. For more information on current cultural and religious practices, check out our traditional wedding vows directory. If you don't like the wording of the traditional wedding vows, use them simply to help further your own creative pledges.

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