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Thread: Any opinions on having a black and white wedding album?

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    Any opinions on having a black and white wedding album?

    I was looking at my aunt's wedding album on a visit last weekend and her wedding photos are beautiful. She got married in the late 1950's and opted for a black and white photo album instead of color. It looks so timeless compared to my parent's colored shots. Would you like that?

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    I don't know if I'd like my whole wedding album to be black and white. I would want to remember what everyone was wearing clearly and I don't know if you could do that if they aren't in color. Perhaps a compromise with some black and white shots and some color? All the photographer would need to do is change the film.

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    I want color photos to be predominant in my wedding album, definitely. I don't know if I'd want any monochrome ones at all. They feel quite flat to me.

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    I understand why lightdancer is thinking "album", not how she wants the wedding shot. It makes sense nowadays to shoot something like a wedding (that only happens once) in color, and then digitally have the ones you want made into black and white (you'll always have color versions to go back to). I don't know any wedding photographer that shoots with actual film anymore. I realize some relics still feel film is the way to go, but because of the sheer number of photos a pro with a digital camera shoots... most experts would agree the results are higher quality photos. I only know this much because a close friend is a wedding photographer (he's shooting our wedding). It's all personal preference. I've seen some albums designed by King & Queen that mix the two very nicely (not for couples on a tight budget mind you, but worth it).

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    Well, if you find black and white beautiful and timeless for wedding album, then I would suggest to have both colour and black and white. But for me, I prefer colored photos for my wedding album as they look move lively and vibrant.

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    I think a combination of shots would be nice.

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